Group Training

What Is Group Training?

The MBA Group Training Scheme is a not-for-profit company, which employs apprentices, trainees and other staff to provide structured training opportunities (particularly in the Building and Construction industries) through rotation with a range of host employers -many of which are small companies that do not have the capacity to recruit and train apprentices and trainees themselves.

Unlike many other training organizations, MBA Group Training provides in house support from legal, industrial relations, housing and OH&S training departments.

Links To Related Sites

Below are links for both MBA apprentices and Host Employers. Take the time to look around – especially if you’re new to the site, or want more information regarding Group Training Schemes.

Links cover topics such as the building industry, job opportunities, education requirements, and other sites that may be of interest or relevance to you.

  • Australian Construction Industry Redundancy Fund –
    A national fund established to create security of payment for employee’s redundancy entitlements.
  • Alcohol and Work –
    Useful information about alocohol and the workplace
  • Australian Taxation Office –
    Taxation infomation.
  • C + Bus –
    Industry superannuation fund.
  • CIBIS –
    Corporate Internet Business Information Systems Pty Ltd.
  • Department of Education and Training –
    Information on apprenticeships and traineeships for Apprentices, Trainees and employers.
  • Department of Education, Science and Training –
    Information on Careers, Education, and New Apprenticeships.
  • Get a Trade –
    Projects that are currently underway for people to get into a Trade covering areas such as National & Regional Skill shortages and the transition from secondary school to the workforce.
  • Industral Relations –
    Information on Award rates of pay and conditions.
  • Long Service Payments Corporation –
    Information on Long Service Payments for building employees
  • Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre –
    Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre is an Australian Apprenticeships Centre contracted by the Australian Government as represented by the Department of Education, Science and Training to provide Australain Apprenticeships Support Services to employers and Australian Apprentices.
  • Newcastle Master Builders –
    Member Association for tradespeople in the building sector.
  • Newcastle North Stars Ice Hockey Team –
    Consecutive champions of the National Ice Hockey League of Australia
  • Skilling –
    Information about training opportunities for learners and employers.
  • The Source –
    A voice for young people.
  • TAFE – NSW –
    Information on areas of study and training available for students.
  • Mates in Construction –
    MIC helps construction workers deal with mental health and wellbeing issues. If you need help now, call the 24/7 help line 1300 MIC 111 (1300 642 111)
  • Newcastle Permanent Building Society –
    The Newcastle Permanent Building Society are supporting Apprentices working with Newcastle Master Builders Group Training. They assist with their banking needs, and will be there to assist for future home, business and personal loans. Newcastle Permanent are Proudly sponsoring the ‘Tool Box Initiatives Program’ for Apprentices commencing with Newcastle Master Builders Group Training.
  • Co-operative Housing Societies  –
    Co-operative Housing Societies have a 70 year history of assisting low to moderate income earners to purchase their own home. They do this by partnering with Government to provide loans on more favourable terms to those available from Banks, Building Societies and securitised lenders. As access to Government home purchase projects have been severely restricted in recent times most CHS’s have also sought to diversify their businesses by also operating as a mortgage broker and offering general home loan and investment loan products through our branches.

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